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Investing in Real Estate: Building our Future

Real Estate plays a crucial role in all aspects of our everyday lives. Our members serve businesses and society by actively developing, managing, maintaining and improving the built environment, where we all live, work, shop and relax.


Discover how real estate shapes your future!

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Our three key priorities

Promoting long-term investments to the EU economy and its citizens
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  • Further coordination for an enhanced Capital Markets Union
  • Prioritise competitiveness over regulation in the EU equity market
  • Ensure adequate and fair treatment of European property companies in taxation
  • Consistently and effectively implement the revised solvency II rules with respect to longterm equity requirements.
Delivering on the
green transition
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  • Make sustainability reporting requirements fit for the real estate sector
  • Harmonise approaches to accurately reflect building' real importance
  • Unify the approach when implementing the newly adopted Emissions Trading System framework for the building sector
  • Facilitate the participation of the listed real estate sector in green transition daialogues.
Boosting growth opportunities for Europe and its member states
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  • Promote and develop the European REIT concept to facilitate real estate investments across the EU
  • Soft law initiatives to promote the mutual recognition of the 13 establised Reit regimes in the EU

Key facts

Alone, the commercial property industry accounts for 3.1% of the total EU economy and sustains 4.2 million jobs

13 EU Member States have already acknowledged the public benefit of establishing a national REIT framework to incentivise property investment through public markets

The real estate sector is the second most EU taxonomy-aligned sector and a key player in delivering on the green transition

We are #buildingEU

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